Self care for Professional Women

I was honoured to speak at the Spence Club AGM in November, on the topic of Self Care. My top tips for self care are below.

My top five tips for self-care are:

  • Self-care is fundamentally about your attitude towards yourself - your needs are important.

  • Nurturing self-care helps you feel good; Reflective self-care is your compass; Boring self-care holds your life together.

  • Feel your feelings

  • Make time for play

  • Say "No" to things that don't serve you and "Yes" to things that replenish you.

Why is self care so important for professional women?

Women in general are socialised to put other people first, and it's one of the reasons why we are so outstanding in professions where considering what the customer or client needs, and providing it, is the cornerstone of the business. However, there comes a point where the list of other people who come "before" you (romantic partner, children, friends, customers, work colleagues...) becomes so long that your own needs aren't getting met. This is a recipe for burnout and for women failing to reach their highest potential.

Self-care is the individual work we can do to keep ourselves healthy and capable of success in the fields we choose. However, it is also important to note that significant structural change in society is required in order to permit greater equality of opportunity for women, especially Indigenous woman and women of colour, in Australia and around the world. No amount of self-care is going to close the gender wage gap, provide high quality early childhood education or stop domestic violence - for that we have to organise, agitate, and vote smart.