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Jordan Bell

Psychologist, Speaker, Author

As a Psychologist, Speaker and Author, Dr Jordan Bell uses the power of evidence-based psychology to guide and inform her practice. With a commitment to continually developing her knowledge and a passion for discovering new findings and sharing them, she's made a significant impact on the lives of clients, students and readers.


Fostering Human  Potential

Destined to be an educator, Jordan is known for her natural ability to explain abstract concepts in engaging, interesting and thought-provoking ways. Her compassionate approach sparks curiosity and connects with people at all skill levels, whether it’s personally guiding a seminar or engaging young readers through her books.

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Interviews, Blog Articles, Research

Leadership and Diversity

Jordan's interview with Diversity & Inclusion - click here for the video.

Jordan on Spence Club

Jordan and other members of Spence Club talk about the benefits of this great professional organisation for women. Click here for the interview.

Psychology Blog

Jordan blogs her periodic thoughts on key topics within psychology.

Jordan's Work

Turning research into practice

Aunt Jodie's Guides

Available now online

When Sophie and Matt visit their Aunt Jodie, they know that they'll get to explore one of their favourite things - Science! In this recently-published book, you can join Jodie, Sophie and Matt as they learn about evolution through a "thought experiment" adventure back in time to visit the Plesiads and the Peppered Moths. Available online and in bookstores.

Speaking Engagements

Available to book

Dr Jordan Bell is a registered Psychologist with particular expertise in positive psychology, resilience and wellbeing.  She is available to provide training and professional development seminars to psychologists, teachers and parent groups. She has particular expertise in positive psychology, resilience and wellbeing. Jordan can provide a thoughtful external perspective and guidance on issues such as:

  • Self-care in the caring professions

  • Developmental Psychology

  • Neuropsychology for a non-specialist audience

  • Connecting with children

  • Child and Adolescent Anxiety

  • Child and Adolescent Depression

  • School refusal

  • Bullying / Exclusion

  • Adolescent Self-harm

  • Sexuality and Identity

  • Relationship Issues

  • Parenting skills

  • Managing separation and divorce

Dean at Lincoln College

Academic Leadership and Pastoral Care

Jordan has been the Dean at Lincoln College for over thirteen years - she enjoys fostering the development of university students as they move into independent adulthood while living away from home. Responsible for pastoral care and academic success at the College, Jordan works to guide and support residents at Lincoln through university and life.

Member, Spence Club

Networking organisation for high achieving women

Spence Club is a unique professional development and networking offering, within a supportive and collaborative environment, for high achieving young South Australian women across all sectors. Spence Club aims to retain female talent
in South Australia by connecting, inspiring and empowering South Australia’s emerging women leaders. Whether you spend your days working in hospitals, boardrooms or courtrooms, in Parliament, the classroom, or a design studio, if you're 25-45 and see yourself as an ambitious current or future leader, Spence Club could be for you. Click below for more information about Spence Club.

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Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

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